Qt slots with return values

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Qt 4.8: Signals & Slots

Qt 4.8: Signals & Slots Qt's signals and slots mechanism ensures that if you connect a signal to a slot, the slot ... int value() const { return m_value; } public slots: void setValue(int value ); ... What do I do if a slot is not invoked? - KDAB Mar 9, 2017 ... we can test the return value (for instance, by adding an assertion), or ... Qt automatically breaks a signal/slot connection if either the sender or ...

Qt 4.8: Signals & Slots

Looking through the Qt source it seems that when a slot is called from QMetaObject::invokeMethod the return type can be specified and the ... Signals & Slots | Qt Core 5.12.3 - Qt Documentation Qt's signals and slots mechanism ensures that if you connect a signal to a slot, the ... class Counter { public: Counter() { m_value = 0; } int value() const { return ... Return value from slot in differnet thread | Qt Forum

One of the key features of Qt is its use of signals and slots to communicate ... that is the signature of the signal that would be returned by Qt's SIGNAL() macro. .... def valueChanged(self, value): """ Two slots will be defined in the QMetaObject.

In this chapter of the Qt5 tutorial, we cover events and signals.

A few months ago I wrote about passing extra arguments to slots in PyQt.Here, I want to briefly discuss how the same effect can be achieved with Qt itself. C++ is not as dynamic as Python, so Python's approaches of using lambda or functools.partial won't work .

Feb 8, 2008 ... In C++/Qt, slots are methods that must be declared with a special syntax; ... If the values are the same, we do nothing and return; otherwise, we ... How to Use the Signal/Slot Communication Mechanism - ROOT @ cern Oct 29, 2000 ... In addition to all features provided by Qt the ROOT version supports connecting ... Int_t GetValue() const { return fValue; } void SetValue(Int_t); //*SIGNAL* }; ... For example, for SetValue(Int_t value) the full method name will be ... QML2 to C++ and back again, with signals and slots - andrew-jones.com