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Learn how to maximize your odds of winning -- and how much you win -- at Jacks-or-better video poker. The most important thing in video poker is learning which of your original five cards to keep or hold and which to discard. You should have a basic knowledge of what beats what and how to play five-card draw before getting into the nitty-gritty of strategy.

Video Poker: Jacks or better vs. Deuces Wild vs Bonus ... Best Answer: The highest return here is the Jacks or Better machine with 99.54%. The Deuces Wild table shown returns 99.41% The Bonus Poker table shown returns 99.17% You can use this to calculate returns for many different poker machines: Jacks or Better Video Poker | Play JOB Online For that same reason, Jacks or Better is more popular among Las Vegas locals and savvy tourists, as long as the pay table is reasonable. You can practice for free below, or read on to learn more about how to play Jacks or Better. Click Here to Play Video Poker at Our #1 Online Casino! How to Find the Best Jacks or Better Video Poker Machine Jacks or Better Video Poker - Full Pay Tables, How to Play ... Jacks or Better remained in gambling circles throughout the years and was introduced as a video poker variant in the late 1970s. Video poker was a failure when it was first introduced to casinos in 1970, namely because it was nothing more than a television monitor attached to a central processing unit. JACKS OR BETTER, SAY, IN POKER - The Crossword Solver

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Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy For a good deal try the 9/6 multi-hand Jacks or Better video poker machine at Casino Tropez.The good news is that computer wizards have figured out the best strategy by calculating the expected value of each hand. The bad news is that for a 52 card deck there are 134,459 unique poker hands...

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Jacks or Better is was the first variant of video poker to be produced, which is why its play closely resemblesJacks or Better - Understanding the Hands. High: Any card that is a Jack or higher.Three to a Straight Flush: Means you have three cards in sequential order and of the same suit to... Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategy

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"Double Bonus" video poker is a variation of Jacks or Better with a bonus payout for four aces. This variation offers up to a theoretical return of 100.2 percent, when played with perfect strategy — however, this % is only on a "10/7" version video poker game (10/7 being the payouts for a full house and a flush). Draw poker - Wikipedia Public poker rooms are still a big industry there, though Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other locations now have many more poker rooms than they did at that time. Because "Jacks to open" was the primary form of high-hand draw poker played there, traditional draw poker was often described by the retronym "Guts to open". Free Poker - Twenty Five Play Jacks or Better